JSTOR Access

The San Diego Natural History Museum has a site license to access the online journal repository, JSTOR. You must connect to this link while in the Museum itself; there is no remote access.  

Finding Aids

Finding aids are descriptive inventories for our archival records and manuscript collections.

Finding Aid to the Margaret Wood Bancroft Collection, 1929-1951

Finding Aid to the Raymond M. Gilmore Collection, 1977-1983

Finding Aid to the Ethel Bailey Higgins Papers, ca. 1933-1963

Finding Aid to the Laurence M. Huey Collection, 1916-1962

Finding Aid to the Reid Moran Collection, 1957-1982

Finding Aid for the Carroll DeWilton Scott Collection, 1909-1964

Finding Aid to the Anthony Wayne Vogdes Collection, 1904-1920

Finding Aid to the Historic Photo Albums Collection, 1921-1942



The Research Library contains a rich collection of historical texts and reports of early explorations and expeditions, documenting fascinating discoveries in biology, geology, geography, and paleontology, dating back to the 1700s. Many of the texts are encyclopedic in nature, describing in lengthy detail the new plants, fishes, birds, insects, reptiles and other wildlife encountered, as well as the indigenous peoples. Beautiful maps, illustrations, charts and photographs enliven the pages.

The following annotated bibliographies of works in our library, with dates of publication from 1784 to as recent as 1948, are not meant to be exhaustive, but merely give an overview of the kind of resources available. For further titles on these topics, check our online catalog.