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The Department of Herpetology houses amphibian and reptile research specimens from around the world, but the majority come from California and Baja California. Records dating before 2001 were transcribed from our handwritten catalog and proofing for errors is an ongoing process. At present, the database does not include common names, so the use of scientific nomenclature is required. While considerable work has been made in standardizing our taxonomy, changes are ongoing and the use of synonyms during searches is recommended.

Search results are intended to provide individual researchers with information about our collection and should not be used as a primary data source. Data acquired herein may not be duplicated, transferred, or incorporated into other databases, and its distribution is forbidden without our permission Terms and Conditions.



Online access was made possible, in part, by the Institute for Museum and Library Services [MA-04-12-0379-12]. Transcription of our original catalogue was made possible, in part, by the National Science Foundation [DEB-8704630]. The Specify Software project built the web portal.

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