Our Vision

The Biodiversity Research Center of the Californias (BRCC) will be the premier collections-based, regional natural history research center in our nation to meet the challenges of the 21st century related to the understanding, interpretation and conservation of biodiversity in Southern California and Baja California. We will be a leading forum for scientific discussion and cooperation on issues relating to natural history, including taxonomy, systematics, biodiversity, conservation biology, evolutionary biology and earth sciences. We will also serve as a model institution for the care, management, and accessibility of natural history specimens and their associated information.

Our Niches

    • Collections-based research

    • Biodiversity research of regional and international significance

    • Timely scientific information relating natural history and biodiversity to present-day issues on the environment, conservation, and natural-resource management

    • Accessible regional environmental research with in-depth collections, computerized central database, natural science library, and diverse natural history research interests

    • High-quality research publications with regional emphasis and scope

    • Enterprising plans to provide financial support and grants for field studies, natural history expeditions, and collections-based research

    • Creative collaborations throughout the region with other natural history research, higher education, and environmental organizations, as well as with the business community

  • Comprehensive plans for the development of strong binational cooperation across the Mexico-U.S. border on issues of biodiversity research, environmental conservation, and natural-resource management