Thank you to our 38 volunteer observers, without whom a study covering so many routes would not have been possible.

Barbara Anderson
Maryanne Bache
Joe Barth
Thomas A. Blackman
Rich & Susan Breisch
Sean Buchanan
Stephen D. Cameron
Kevin B. Clark
Andrea Neal Compton
Jim Determan
Kathy Estey
Gary Grantham
Edward C. Hall
Lori Hargrove
Hank Ingersoll
Paul D. Jorgensen
Ann & Tom Keenan
Kerry Kenwood
Carol McKie Manning
Gillian Moreland
Philip K. Nelson
Barbara Orr
Nuri B. Pierce
Wayne Pray
Geoffrey L. Rogers
Jay Rourke
Robert Sanger
Kathie Satterfield
Herb Stone
Mary Beth Stowe
Lee E. Taylor
Robert Thériault
Frank L. Unmack
Kenneth L. Weaver
James K. Wilson
Kirsten Winter
Anne Wright
James O. Zimmer

And thank you to our sponsoring agencies: California State Parks, the Joint Fire Science Program, and the U.S. Forest Service.