Exhibit Services

Interpretive Planning

Through a series of meetings and brainstorming sessions, our team will help your institution define your interpretive goals and outline a museum-wide plan for interpretation—from exhibitions to in-museum programs to outreach.

Exhibit Development

We firmly believe that content drives the design of the exhibition. Once the content has been clearly defined, the design of the exhibit experience will naturally follow. Exhibit development services include content research, big idea and take-home messages, bubble diagrams, exhibit narratives, storylines, and label writing in English and Spanish.

Exhibit Design

Once the content and visitor experience has been defined, the three dimensional experience is created. We provide a full range of exhibit design services, including conceptual sketches, color and material boards, low- and high-tech interactives, CAD drawings (elevations, sections, floorplans, reflected ceiling plans), fabrication specifications, and lighting plans.

Graphic Design

Through graphic design, we take your content and create a meaningful and accessible experience for visitors. Whether it is an interpretive label or large-format graphic, we utilize this two-dimensional format to help you tell your story. We work with you to define a unified theme—including color palette, fonts, and graphic elements—that integrates with the exhibit design.

Media Services

Our team can provide research, acquisition, and licensing services of images, film, music, or other media. Our media team has production capabilities for a wide range of videos and audio clips for use on site at your institution, for the web, or for other digital initiatives. View videos.

Exhibit Evaluation

Evaluation is a critical part of every exhibition project. Throughout the exhibition development and design process, we enjoy testing concepts with visitors. Our team has experience conducting front-end and formative evaluation.

Exhibit Fabrication

Our fabricators and artists engineer and produce everything in-house, including museum-quality cabinets and cases, durable exhibit furniture, prototypes, artifact and specimen mounts, low-tech interactives, and touchable models.

Onsite Installation

We can provide management of and labor for small and large-scale exhibition installations. Our team is licensed to operate fork and scissor lifts, and safety training is mandatory part of every installation. Installation supervisors are certified in first aid and CPR.

Crate Fabrication

Crates are the building blocks of every exhibition. Our team can fabricate crates large or small. Crates are designed to meet the needs of the project. They can be designed with skids to allow movement by pallet jack or fork lift, or can incorporate heavy duty wheels to allow for movement by rolling.

Accessibility Consultation

Our team has extensive experience in addressing the wide and varied needs of museum audiences, including bilingual interpretation for exhibit labels, multimedia kiosks, and story theaters; Universal Design/ADA compliance; and Autism Spectrum Disorder training in support of gallery accessibility.

Security Services

We provide building and gallery security evaluation, planning and implementation. Security evaluation provides an assessment of the security needs of a gallery or building, including staffing, physical plant and infrastructure. Security planning identifies goals and priorities for a security system so that it can adapt as an institution grows and changes.  Implementation of a security plan includes staff training; specification, purchase and installation of monitoring software and hardware, such as cameras and alarms. We can also provide security devices and transmitters for individual cases that need to be alarmed.

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