Birds and Mammals

The San Diego Natural History Museum is a regional leader in research and monitoring rare and endangered birds and mammals of southern California. Birds and Mammals staff have the permits and experience necessary for surveys and studies of numerous federally listed species.  The department is also considered the regional specialist in bat surveys and identification, and possesses the acoustical equipment, night-vision scopes, mist-nets, and qualified personnel to survey for bats.  The department also maintains a reference collection for the identification of mammal scat and tracks, often critical to wildlife-corridor studies. The department also has extensive experience using camera traps, track plates, and other means to document and monitor sensitive carnivores, including badger, ringtail, and bobcat. 

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Recent projects and the species on which we focus

Bird Projects Bat Projects Terrestrial Mammal Projects


The Department of Birds and Mammals also performs intensive community bio-inventory surveys for large landholdings.  Recent examples include:

  • A long-term study of the shorebird use of wetlands at the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge as wetlands are restored to historical habitats.
  • A study of the diversity and abundance of terrestrial birds on San Nicolas Island.
  • A study of the distribution, abundance, and breeding success of riparian birds at eight riparian sites throughout the Coachella Valley.