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Outreaches to Your School: 3rd

Once you’ve selected from the programs listed below, please register online by clicking here or clicking the “Request Your Visit” button below the program. Programs offered during traditional school year only.

Fee: $150 per 1-hour class. Second class in the same school and same classroom is $100. Programs available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with bookings available at 9:30 and/or 10:45 AM.
Group size: 20 students per 1-hour class (10 student minimum). Classes may not be combined.

Fossil Tales of San Diego

2nd - 5th Grade
Investigate San Diego’s past by trekking through 75 million years of geologic history. Analyze replicas and real fossils to infer what the habitat and environment were like millions of years ago! Model geologic plate movement to observe how our region has changed over time.
2-LS4-1; 3-LS4-4; 4-LS1-1; 4-ESS1-1; 5-LS2-1

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Our Region’s Habitats

2nd–5th Grade
San Diego is one of the more biologically diverse counties in the US! Learn how animals are adapted to live in our varied ecosystems from the oceans to the deserts. Discover how humans have impacted our environment, and how we can help protect the plants and animals that also call San Diego home.
2-LS4-1; 3-LS4-4; 4-LS1-2; 4-LS1-1; 5-PS3-1; 5-LS2-1

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