Teacher Kit

Native Land, Native People

The Kumeyaay Nation is the first people to inhabit what we now call San Diego County. The Kumeyaay People relied on nature, native plants, animals and the earth as the primary resources for their survival. This kit allows student to explore the environments and culture of the Kumeyaay Territory and Nation. Students will grind acorns, scrape yucca leaves for fiber, discover how plants and animals provided food, clothing and shelter and experience some Kumeyaay traditions.

6 acorn grinding sets
Acorn mat
Box of shells including abalone
Basket for acorns
Gourd, seed and turtle rattles
Wooden dice game with tray
Big Horn Sheep horn
Deer antler and leg bone
Box of animal pelts
Box with rattlesnake skin
and one deer hoof rattle
Yucca leaf (30 pieces)
Roasted acorns (30 pieces)
Teacher materials

  • Background information
  • Suggested lesson plan
  • Information cards
  • Kumeyaay by Barbara A Gray-Kantiiosh
  • My Ancestor’s Village by Toberta Labastida
  • Kumeyaay Ethnobotany by Michael Wilken-Robertson