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Museum Lore

Museum Lore: Fact or Fiction? 

The Museum is full of fun and interesting facts. If you've visited the building, you may have wondered...what is that huge tree outside the north entrance? How does the pendulum work? Ready for some answers?

What is that huge tree in front of our north entrance?

That huge tree is a Moreton Bay fig tree. It has been documented as one of the largest of this species in the state. Read more...

How does the pendulum work?

The Foucault pendulum (pronounced foo-koh), invented in 1851 by French physicist Jean Foucault, gives visual proof of Earth's rotation. Observers note that the direction of the swing changes, causing more dominos to be knocked over throughout the day. There is no force acting upon his pendulum to make it change direction; the Earth is turning beneath the pendulum. Read more...