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Species Described by and for Laurence M. Klauber

Taxa Described by Laurence M. Klauber

Trimorphodon vandenburghi Klauber (1924) -- California Lyre Snake

Note: named to honor J. Van Denburgh of CAS.
Source: Notes on the distribution of snakes in San Diego County, California. Bull. of the Zool. Soc. of San Diego 1: 1-23. (first in the Bulletin series)
Update: T. vandenburghi is now T. biscutatus vandenburghi

Crotalus confluentus abyssus Klauber (1930) -- Grand Canyon Rattlesnake
C. c. decolor Klauber (1930) -- Midget Faded Rattlesnake
C. c. lutosus Klauber (1930) -- Great Basin Rattlesnake
C. c. stephensi Klauber (1930) -- Panamint Rattlesnake

Note: C. c. stephensi is named to honor collector and colleague Frank Stephens.
Source: New and renamed subspecies of Crotalus confluentus Say, with remarks on related species. Transactions of SDSNH VI(3): 95-144.
Update: Crotalus confluentus is now C. viridis
Note: Crotalus viridus abyssus and C. v. lutosus are valid. Crotalus confluentus decolor is invalid. C.c. stephensi is now Crotalus mitchelli stephensi

Lichanura roseofusca gracia Klauber (1931) -- Desert Boa

Note: though not specifically stated in the published description, this name is said to honor Klauber's wife Grace.
Source: A new subspecies of the California boa, with notes on the genus Lichanura. Transactions of SDSNH VI(20): 305-318.
Update: Lichanura roseofusca gracia is now L. trivirgata gracia.

Leptotyphlops humilis cahuilae Klauber (1931) -- Desert Worm Snake
L. h. slevini Klauber (1931) -- San Lucan Worm Snake

Note: L. h. slevini is named to honor J. R. Slevin of CAS.
Source: Notes on the worm snakes of the Southwest, with descriptions of two new subspecies. Transactions of SDSNH VI(23): 333-352.
Update: Leptotyphlops humilis cahuilae is valid; L. h. slevini is invalid.

Xantusia arizonae Klauber (1931) -- Arizona Night Lizard

Note: Klauber notes the participation of Philip Klauber in collecting the type specimen.
Source: A new species of Xantusia from Arizona, with a synopsis of the genus. Transactions of SDSNH VII(1): 1-16.
Update: Xantusia arizonae is now Xantusia vigilis arizonae.

Crotalus confluentus nuntius Klauber (1935) -- Arizona Prairie Rattlesnake

Source: A new subspecies of Crotalus confluentus, the prairie rattlesnake. Transactions of SDSNH VIII(13): 75-90.
Update: Crotalus confluentus nuntius is now Crotalus viridis nuntius.

Phyllorhynchus decurtatus perkinsi Klauber (1935) -- Desert Leaf-Nosed Snake

Note: named to honor C. B. Perkins of the San Diego Zoo.
Source: Phyllorhynchus, the leaf-nosed snake. Bull. of the Zool. Soc. of San Diego 12: 1-29.
Update: Phyllorhynchus decurtatus perkinsi is valid.

Sonora palarostris Klauber (1937) -- Sonoran Shovel-Nosed Ground Snake

Source: A new snake of the genus Sonora from Mexico. Transactions of SDSNH VIII(27): 363-366.
Update: Sonora palarostris is invalid.

Leptotyphlops tenella Klauber (1939)
L. subcrotilla Klauber (1939)
L. columbi Klauber (1939)

Source: Three new worm snakes of the genus Leptotyphlops. Transactions of SDSNH IX(14): 59-66.
Update: Leptotyphlops tenella, subcrotilla, and columbi are invalid.

Leptotyphlops humilis segregus Klauber (1939)

Source: A new species of the Western worm snake. Transactions of SDSNH IX(14a): 67-68.
Update: Leptotyphlops humilis segregus is valid.

Phyllorhynchus browni lucidus Klauber (1940) -- Maricopa Leaf-Nosed Snake
P. decurtatus nubilus Klauber (1940) -- Cloudy Leaf-Nosed Snake

Source: Two new species of Phyllorhynchus, the leaf-nosed snake, with notes on the genus. Transactions of SDSNH IX(20): 195-214.
Update: Phyllorhynchus browni lucidus and P. decurtatus nubilus are valid.

Rhinocheilus lecontei clarus Klauber (1941) -- Desert Long-Nosed Snake

Source: The long-nosed snakes of the genus Rhinocheilus. Transactions of SDSNH IX(29): 289-332.
Update: Rhinoceilus lecontei clarus is now R. lecontei lecontei.

Crotalus vegrandis Klauber (1941) -- Uracoan Rattlesnake

Source: A new species of rattlesnake from Venezuela. Transactions of SDSNH IX (1):1-40.
Update: C. vegrandis is now Crotalus durissus vegrandis

Sonora bancroftae Klauber (1943)

Note: named to honor friend and collector Mrs. Griffing Bancroft.
Source: A new snake of the genus Sonora from Lower California, Mexico. Transactions of SDSNH X(4):69-70.
Update: Sonora bancroftae is valid.

Tantilla eiseni transmontana (Klauber, 1943) -- Desert Black-Headed Snake

Source: A desert subspecies of the snake Tantilla eiseni. Transactions of SDSNH X(5)71-74.
Update: Tantilla eiseni is invalid.

Charina bottae umbratica Klauber (1943) -- Southern California Rubber Snake

Source: The subspecies of the rubber snake, Charina. Transactions of SDSNH X(7):83-90.
Update: Charina bottae umbratica is valid.

Crotalus cerastes laterorepens Klauber (1944) -- Colorado Desert Sidewinder

Source: The sidewinder, Crotalus cerastes, with description of a new subspecies. Transactions of SDSNH X(8): 91-126.
Update: Crotalus cerastes laterorepens is valid.

Coleonyx variegatus abbotti Klauber (1945) -- San Diegan Banded Gecko
C. v. bogerti Klauber (1945) -- Tucson Banded Gecko
C. v. peninsularis Klauber (1945) -- San Lucan Banded Gecko
C. v. slevini Klauber (1945) -- Santa Inez Island Banded Gecko
C. v. sonoriensis Klauber (1945) -- Sonoran Banded Gecko
C. v. utahensis Klauber (1945) -- Utah Banded Gecko

Notes: C. v. abbotti named to honor C. G. Abbott of SDSNH. C. v. slevini named to honor J. R. Slevin of CAS. C. v. bogerti named to honor C. M. Bogert of AMNH.
Source: The geckos of the genus Coleonyx with descriptions of new subspecies. Transactions of SDSNH X(11): 133-216.
Update: Coleonyx variegatus abbotti, C.v. bogerti, C.v. peninsularis, C.v. slevini, C.v. sonoriensis, and C.v. utahensis are all valid.

Arizona elegans blanchardi Klauber (1946) -- Kansas Glossy Snake
A. e. candida Klauber (1946) -- Western Mojave Glossy Snake
A. e. eburnata Klauber (1946) -- Desert Glossy Snake
A. e. expolita Klauber (1946) -- Chihuahua Glossy Snake
A. e. noctivaga Klauber (1946) -- Arizona Glossy Snake
A. e. pacata Klauber (1946) -- Peninsula Glossy Snake
A. e. philipi Klauber (1946) -- Painted Desert Glossy Snake

Note: A. e. philipi is named for Philip Klauber, who caught the first specimen to be collected in northeastern Arizona, in 1933.
Source: The Glossy Snake, Arizona, with descriptions of new subspecies. Transactions of SDSNH X(17): 311-398.
Update: Arizona elegans blanchardi is now Arizona elegans elegans.

Pituophis catenifer bimaris Klauber (1946) -- Baja California Gopher Snake
P. c. coronalis Klauber (1946) -- Coronado Island Gopher Snake
P. c. fuliginatus Klauber (1946) -- San Martín Island Gopher Snake
P. c. insulanus Klauber (1946) -- Cedros Island Gopher Snake

Source: The gopher snakes of Baja California, with descriptions of new subspecies of Pituophis catenifer. Transactions of SDSNH XI(1):1-40.
Update: Pituophis catenifer bimaris is now Pituophis melanoleucus bimaris
P.c. coronalis is now P. melanoleucus coronalis
P.c. fuliginatus is now P. melanoleucus fuliginatus
P.c. insulanus is now P. melanoleucus insulanus

Pituophis catenifer pumilis Klauber (1946) -- Santa Cruz Island Gopher Snake

Source: A new gopher snake (Pituophis) from Santa Cruz Island, California. Transactions of SDSNH XI(2): 41-48.
Update: P. catenifer pumilis is valid.

Crotalus mitchelli muertensis Klauber (1949) -- El Muerto Island Speckled Rattlesnake
C. molossus estebanensis Klauber (1949) -- San Estéban Island Rattlesnake
C. viridis caliginis Klauber (1949) -- Coronado Island Rattlesnake

Source: Some new and revised subspecies of rattlesnakes. Transactions of SDSNH XI(6): 61-116.
Update: Crotalus mitchelli muertensis, C. molossus estebanensis and C. viridis caliginis are valid.

Crotalus willardi meridionalis Klauber (1949) -- Southern Ridge-Nosed Rattlesnake
C. w. silus Klauber (1949) -- Chihuahua Ridge-Nosed Rattlesnake

Source: The subspecies of the ridge-nosed rattlesnake, Crotalus willardi. Transactions of SDSNH XI(8): 121-140.
Update: Crotalus willardi meridionalis and C.w. silus are valid.

Chionactis occipitalis talpina Klauber (1951) -- Northern Shovel-Nosed Snake
C. palarostris organica Klauber (1951) -- Organ Pipe Shovel-Nosed Snake

Source: The shovel-nosed snake, Chionactis: with descriptions of two new subspecies. Transactions of SDSNH XI(9): 141-204.
Update: Chionactus occipitalis talpina, C. palarostris organica and C. p. palarostris are valid. C. o. talpina is now called the Nevada Shovelnose Snake.

Crotalus durissus culminatus Klauber (1952) -- Northwestern Neotropical Rattlesnake
C. d. tzabcan Klauber (1952) -- Yucatan Neotropical Rattlesnake
C. pusillus Klauber (1952) -- Tancitaran Dusky Rattlesnake
C. triseriatus aquilus Klauber (1952) -- Queretaran Dusky Rattlesnake

Update: Crotalus durissus culminatus, C.d. tzabcan, and C. pusillus are valid. C. t. aquilus is now C. aquilus (raised to full species).
Source: Taxonomic studies of the rattlesnakes of mainland Mexico. Bull. of the Zool. Soc. of San Diego 26: 1-126.

Crotalus mitchelli angelensis Klauber (1963) -- Ángel de la Guardia Island Speckled Rattlesnake

Source: A new insular subspecies of the speckled rattlesnake. Transactions of SDSNH XIII(5): 73-80.
Update: C. mitchelli angelensis is valid.

Thanks to John Simmons, Museum of Natural History, University of Kansas, for the updates to this list.

Taxa named for Laurence M. Klauber

The contributions of Laurence M. Klauber to the study of herpetology have been recognized by the naming of the following taxa, which include one genus, in his honor. They are:

Sauromalus klauberi Shaw (1941) (now S. ater klauberi)

Uta stansburiana klauberi Lowe and Norris (1955)

Chionactis occipitalis klauberi Stickel (1941), the Tucson Shovel-Nosed Snake

Sonora occipitalis klauberi Stickel (1941) (S. o. klauberi is now Chionactis occipitalis klauberi, listed above)

Hypsiglena ochrorhynchus klauberi W. Tanner (1944) (H. o. klauberi is now H. torquata klauberi, and is called the San Diego Night Snake)

Salvadora hexalepis klauberi Bogert (1945)

Klauberina riversiana, the Island Night Lizard

Sphaerodactylus klauberi -- Grant, Chapman 1931. The Spaherodactylus of Porto Rico, Culebra and Mona Islands. Jour. Dept. Agri. Porto Rico, vol. 15, no. 3, pp. 199-213, 5 pls.

Crotalus lepidus klauberi, the Banded Rock Rattlesnake (named by Gloyd in 1936)

Ensatina eschscholtzi klauberi, the Large-blotched Salamander

Taricha torosa klauberi has been included in T. torosa torosa, the Coast Range Newt

Phyllorhynchus browni klauberi

***Compiled by Sally Y. Shelton when SDNHM curator of collections. 
Updated February 2000 with thanks to Jose G. Rodriguez-Ramirez, PhD., Department of Biology, University of Puerto Rico at Ponce