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The Making of an Exhibition

I want people to see things they’ve never seen before and learn things that will leave a lasting impact on them. Very few people in Southern California are aware of the legacy the area has for producing beautiful museum-quality gems.
–Curator Elise Misiorowski

The Curator

Elise B. Misiorowski, Curator

Elise B. Misiorowski , Graduate Gemologist (GG) and an internationally respected jewelry historian, is the curator the All That Glitters exhibition. She previously served as the Museum Director at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) world headquarters in Carlsbad, California. Elise’s lifetime interest in art history led to her to specialize in jewelry history. She lectures and publishes extensively to both professional and lay audiences, and has mounted numerous exhibits at GIA and at national trade shows.

Read Elise's Bio  (PDF)

Come behind the scenes and see the making of an exhibition

The 5000-square-foot exhibition, All That Glitters: The Splendor and Science of Gems and Minerals, with displays of gems, minerals, carvings and jewelry from around the world, is developed and created by the San Diego Natural History Museum’s award-winning exhibitions team under the leadership of curator Elise Misiorowski, GG. It is on display through April 2012 and will not travel to any other venue. During this time period there will be occasional changes in several of the displays, so you will want to return and see the new additions!

  • Ivory Elephant
  • Mineral and jewelry specimens
  • Spodumene
  • Emerald in matrix
  • In the Museum's mineralogy collection
  • Case prototype
  • Wooden crystal model
  • Pegmatite model
  • Creating the fantasy gem pocket
  • At the Stewart Lithia Mine
  • Whiteboard exhibit model
  • Exhibits team discussing whiteboard model

Exhibits Team

Mick W. Hager, Ph.D, President and CEO
Jim Stone, Vice President, Public Programs
Tim Murray, Exhibits Director
Erica Kelly, Exhibits Developer
Michael Field, Exhibits Designer, Mount Making and Lighting Specialist
Josh Payne, Exhibits Designer, Mount Making and Installation Coordinator
Jim Melli, Exhibits Designer, Model Maker
Kim Blackford, Main Exhibits Fabricator
McKenzie Santimer, Exhibits Technician Specialist
Laura Masotti, Installation Specialist
Alexis McKee, AV Coordinator
Mary Lou Morreal, Art Director of Exhibit Graphics
Margaret Dykens, Registrar and Director of Research Library
Chena Popper, Assistant Registrar
Dave Dalton, Security Director