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All That Glitters The Splendor and Science of Gems and Minerals

Did you know that every glittering ruby, sapphire, diamond, and opal has a history as old as the Earth itself? Discover how the same Earth processes that build landscapes produce dazzling gemstones and precious metals—even right here in San Diego County, one of the most famous gem-producing regions in the world.

Witness a stunning selection of spectacular natural mineral crystals, exquisite jewelry, and works of art. See objects on display for the first time ever. Discover “first finds” in the world, found right here in California: benitoite, gold, kunzite and morganite. View stunning objects on loan from private collectors and major U.S. institutions including the American Museum of Natural History, Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Harvard University Mineralogical Museum, Newark Museum and National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution.


of gem and mineral finds in California 

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behind crystal formations and their composition 

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from the raw mineral to a finely cut gem 

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of San Diego Natural History Museum's new gem and mineral exhibition

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I recently had a dear friend visiting from North Carolina, and as gem and jewelry lovers, three of us made a trip to the Museum specifically to view All That Glitters. From photos on your website, we were expecting a nice exhibit; however, we were overwhelmed by the beauty and variety of gems on display. We also learned a great deal about the history of mining in San Diego county and gemstones in general. 

 In short, the exhibit was spectacular in every way one might hope!

-Cindy Dupray

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