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Exhibition Highlights

  • An oversized replica of a segment of mud from a local tidal flat. Young visitors can crawl inside, where they will discover animals that survive in the mudflats in spite of tough intertidal conditions.
  • A recreation of a residential patio overlooking an urban San Diego canyon, exploring how humans share space with nature and bringing to light the impact of introduced species on native plants and animals.
  • An immersive virtual storybook that tells the tale of the dynamic chaparral ecosystem and how periodic fires are a natural part of life in this signature California habitat.
  • A multimedia experience that includes a real Airstream Bambi and transports visitors to the desert at nighttime, when the sun goes down, temperatures drop, and the seemingly barren landscape springs to life as animals come out to hunt.
  • Exhibits highlighting the work of people, past and present, whose efforts help us better understand how the habitats of southern California have changed over time and what we can do to help sustain the plants and animals that live here.
  • All exhibit elements are presented in both English and Spanish.