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Long-horned Beetles - Cerambycidae (Sierra Cacachilas)

Help us identify some of the long-horned beetles that we have in our collections from the Sierra Cacachilas in Baja California Sur. We have this and other material available for loan to scientific researchers. This material was collected as part of a research expedition into the Sierra de las Cacachilas (2013–2016). This was a multi-disciplinary binational expedition in which the entomology department worked closely with our colleagues at CIB in La Paz.  We used a variety of trapping methods (e.g., Malaise traps, pitfalls, pan traps, etc.) and active collecting. If you have a taxonomic group of interest that is not part of InvertID, contact the Entomology Department. Chances are we have something in which you will be interested.


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