Exhibition Highlights

Behold the vastness of biodiversity.

Unshelved: Cool Stuff from Storage has been created entirely in-house by our award-winning Exhibit team and boasts gorgeous and strange specimens from all over the world. Some of our favorite exhibition highlights:

  • The exhibition contains more than 200 specimens representing more than 150 species. The items on display will be artistically arranged to emphasize their size, vibrancy, and eccentricity.
  • As visitors enter Unshelved , they will feel as though they have been given an all-access pass to the Museum. The entry is dominated by a giant sperm whale jaw that demonstrates the sheer size of this remarkable mammal.

  • Visitors will also see an impressive display of specimens from all over the world: brilliant gems and minerals, an emperor penguin, massive bats, a 20-foot-long anaconda skin, pinned bugs and insects, a wall of skulls, and a variety of vintage taxidermy birds.

  • The specimens chosen for this exhibition demonstrate the Museum’s long history of collecting, scientific insights gained, and the magnificent diversity of life on Planet Earth.

  • All exhibit elements are presented in both English and Spanish.