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Not your typical dinosaur exhibition, Ultimate Dinosaurs introduces your students to new and unique dinosaurs that evolved in isolation in South America, Africa, and Madagascar, and are unfamiliar to most North Americans. The exhibition combines rarely seen specimens with augmented reality technology that transforms full-scale dinosaurs into flesh covered animated beasts right before your eyes.

Students will be introduced to dozens of dinosaurs and will learn about the break-up of supercontinent Pangaea into the continents that we know today and how continental drift affected the evolution of dinosaurs during the Mesozoic Era. Ultimate Dinosaurs features groundbreaking research from scientists around the world.

Your students will have the opportunity to:

  • See actual dinosaur fossils and casts made from unique, rare fossil finds in a colorful, immersive environment.
  • Use new technology to layer virtual “skins” over dinosaur skeletons to see what they may have looked like when they were alive.
  • Engage in hands-on explorations of real dinosaur fossil specimens, sifting for microfossils, interacting with mini-dioramas, and more.
  • Link direct experiences with fossil evidence to develop conclusions about prehistoric creatures, change over time, and the process of science.
  • Take part in the process of discovery to learn how paleontologists do their work.
  • Learn more about prehistoric life by watching our 3D film Sea Monsters .

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Field trips may be booked prior to the exhibition opening and throughout the run (closes September 4, 2017).

Download the full Educator Guide for an all-inclusive view of what Ultimate Dinosaurs has to offer, including grade-specific activities for guided exploration. In addition, through our Nature to You Loan Program, you can borrow real fossils for your classroom.

Classes and Programs

Mesozoic Mysteries, Pre-K
Compare survival techniques of some of the most mysterious animals to have walked the earth. Classify dinosaurs, touch real fossils, and take home dinosaur prints made out of clay. Available at your school.

Survivor, Grade 3
Watch how the habitats of San Diego have changed over time. Make observations and inferences and construct arguments about how these changes occurred. Model how animals with special adaptations survive when the environment changes. Available at the Museum or at your school.
3-LS3: Inheritance and Variation of Traits: Life Cycles and Traits
3-LS4: Biological Evolution: Unity and Diversity

NEW! Rockin' Out with Fossils, Grade 4
Take the long journey through geologic time as rocks and fossils form the Earth’s crust. Model the rock cycle and discover the patterns of fossil formation and solve the mystery behind fossils found in San Diego County. Available at the Museum.
4-ESS2: Earth Systems: Process that Shape the Earth

Docent-Led Tour: Explore Fossil Mysteries , Grades 2-8
This region has a rich fossil record. Investigate San Diego’s past by trekking through 75 million years of geologic history. Interpret Museum murals and describe how the flora, fauna, and climate have changed over millions of years. Meet the great granddaddy of your pet dog and swim in the ancient San Diego Bay. Identify types of geologic plate movement by interacting with Museum models and attempt to solve the mysteries that remain as you explore fantastic fossils found in San Diego County. Available at the Museum.

For information about all education programs, visit our website or call 619.255.0349.

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