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The following NGSS standards are most closely addressed in Animals: Machines in Motion, though further connections could be made. NGSS standards are also defined in individual items in The Field Museum’s multimedia toolkit located here.

Content Alignment

PS2.A Forces and Motion (Elementary, Middle, and High School) – Though not explicitly discussed, there are numerous examples of Newton’s Laws in action throughout the exhibition.

PS3.A Definitions of Energy (Middle and High School) – The exhibition has a gallery focused on how animals insulate themselves or radiate heat into the environment.

PS3.B Conservation of Energy and Energy Transfer (Middle and High School) – Within the exhibition, animals are constantly converting potential to kinetic energy through spring-like structures and materials.

LS1.A Structure and Function (Elementary) – Animals have a variety of structures that help them function in specific ways for survival, all within the laws of physics.

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