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This Wild Life: Inside a Botanical Expedition to Baja California

This spring, our botany team went on a three-day excursion to the Juárez Mountains in Northern Baja California. We bounced along backroads, traipsed through montane meadows, and boulder-hopped through high deserts in search of some very rare plants. The details of our work are discussed in the video below.

On paper, this brief expedition pushed the Cross-Border Rare Plant Project a little closer to completion. We found several of the rare plants on our list, and documented new populations for many more. The true value of this trip, however, was in the knowledge shared and the relationships strengthened between The Nat’s botanists and the young Mexican researchers who joined us.

Studying how our shared ecosystems change over time wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of the researchers who came before us, and it wouldn’t be worthwhile without those who follow in our footsteps. By training and inspiring the next generation of natural history buffs and regional researchers on both sides of the border, we’re ensuring the torch stays lit long after we’re gone.

Watch the video below for a first-hand peek into what life is like on expedition. 

Posted by Cypress Hansen, Science Communications Manager.

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