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In celebration of their 50 year anniversary, we sat down with three Canyoneers, Daniel, Maritza, and Samantha, to discuss the value of time spent in nature, favorite spots around the county, and dreams for the next 50 years.   Read more.

Apprentices in the Research Library are digitizing a hidden collection of glass plates that’s almost a century old. This project will convert a relatively unknown collection of historic photographs into a valuable historic resource that’s accessible to people worldwide.  Read more.

Building Exhibitions, Sustainably

Posted: December 29, 2022

We have always sought out earth-friendly materials when creating experiences for our visitors. But Expedition Baja’s conservation focus made it even more important to keep these practices top-of-mind. From the flooring to the UV-shielding skylights, sustainability was a driving force behind the exhibition’s development.  Read more.

Birding in San Diego is like a party that lasts all year. But winter is when San Diegans celebrate our feathered friends with festivals, holidays, and opportunities to contribute to bird-centric science. Here are four ways to love and learn more about our region’s beautiful birds. (No birding experience necessary!)  Read more.

An arctic sea duck bone turned up in a Kumeyaay midden during an archaeology dig, 10 miles from San Diego's coastline. Let the head scratching begin. Read more.

Paleontologists describe new species of sabre-tooth false-cat, showing early evolution of carnivores during time of global climatic instability.  Read more.

Braving electrical storms, wildfires, and heavy snow, two Mexican biologists have traded cell service and city life for the noble task of recovering North America's largest birds from near extinction. President and CEO Judy Gradwohl joined them—and the condors—among the peaks last year. Read about her experience here.  Read more.

Three Ways to See Wildlife After Dark

Posted: September 29, 2022

Spotting animals in the wild is hard, but researchers from The Nat have a few easy tricks up their sleeves. Here are three things you can do to spot wildlife when it's most active—at night.   Read more.

Join us on a recent expedition to the Sierra Juárez of Northern Baja California, where we searched for rare plants and found hope for the future.  Read more.

Night hikes, evening strolls, and crepuscular critters. Beat the heat of the day with some of our Canyoneers’ favorite sunset trails and spots for starry night skies.   Read more.