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Join us on a recent expedition to the Sierra Juárez of Northern Baja California, where we searched for rare plants and found hope for the future.  Read more.

Night hikes, evening strolls, and crepuscular critters. Beat the heat of the day with some of our Canyoneers’ favorite sunset trails and spots for starry night skies.   Read more.

Spring is rattlesnake season in southern California. With a little knowledge and preparation, we can coexist with these magnificent snakes. Read more.

Four Favorite Wildflower Walks

Posted: March 22, 2022

Wildflower season is here! There are lots of trails where you can see wildflowers in San Diego County (especially after a wet winter), but our Canyoneers have picked some lesser-known hikes where you can spot those beautiful blooms.  Read more.

After poring over our botany collection, a visiting expert names several species new to science.   Read more.

The San Luis Rey River Valley is home to the first fossil evidence of modern capybara ancestors in North America  Read more.

With the 2022 translocation season all wrapped up, three generations of California red-legged frogs are now in their forever homes in southern California.   Read more.

When life gives you a whale head, you bury it, then give it a bath, and let the research begin.   Read more.

Since starting last September, Library Director Arie Hammond has been asked about everything, from black widow spiders to dead whales to prehistoric flowers. She shares some of her favorite unusual questions, and the answers her research revealed.  Read more.

Our first cohort of STEM apprentices reflect on their time with The Nat’s research department, sharing how they got here, what they learned, and where they’re going next.  Read more.