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T. REX Roars Onto the Giant Screen at The San Diego Natural History Museum

June 24, 2024

Extraordinary Documentary Opening June 28 Captures Young Boys’ Discovery of New Fossil Skeleton and Brings “Teen Rex” to Life

SAN DIEGO—Following the global announcement of the discovery of a rare juvenile T. rex specimen by three young boys in North Dakota, the San Diego Natural History Museum (The Nat) is pleased to announce the premiere of T. REX, the giant screen documentary that captured this incredible expedition on camera.

Opening at The Nat on Friday, June 28, T. REX is a captivating science adventure and a love letter to T. rex, the Greatest of All Tyrants—the GOAT. Films are included with paid Museum admission. Details can be found online at (showtimes will be updated/available on Thursday evening).

Anchored by the true story of the young fossil hunters who made the discovery of a lifetime when they spotted a large fossilized leg bone on a walk on public lands in North Dakota, T. REX intercuts the remarkable fossil dig with cutting edge computer graphics that bring the iconic T. rex—from hatchling to hulking adult—to life. Narrated by Jurassic Park actor Sam Neill, T. REX explores the newest science that has helped reinvent our understanding of the iconic predator.

With hat tips to famous specimens, landmark discoveries, and wild cinematic T. rex depictions over the last century, the film also brings to life a cast of prehistoric characters including rex’s archrival, Triceratops; Quetzalcoatlus, one the largest animals ever to take flight; and the 25-foot long Sinraptor, a species that likely fed on early tyrannosaurs.

“We never could have planned the inspiring story that unfolded in front of the cameras,” said producer and writer Andy Wood. “Kids finding any large dinosaur is remarkable, but as the shoot progressed, the team realized that we were witnessing something even more rare—a truly historic T.rex discovery. This is the kind of story that documentary filmmakers dream of capturing.” 

"This is more than just a documentary—it's a chance for families to experience the thrill of discovery through the eyes of these young explorers in a format that makes you feel like you’re right there with them,” says co-director and writer David Clark.

T. REX is an immersive cinema experience produced by Giant Screen Films and D3D Cinema, in partnership with the Field Museum, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Houston Museum of Natural Science and Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, in association with the Cincinnati Museum Center, Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Museums Victoria, and New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science. The T. rex fossil featured in the film was collected on land under the jurisdiction of the US Bureau of Land Management, permit ND2023-00084.

About Giant Screen Films 
Based in Evanston, Illinois, GSF is one of the world’s leading and most active large-format film producers. It has often partnered with the National Science Foundation and pioneered large-format films that push the medium's boundaries. Through immersive sight and sound technologies, GSF’s productions challenge imaginations of children and adults, offering inspiring perspective on the world and an unforgettable theater experience. Meaningful educational collaborations and partnerships extend each film’s impact far beyond the theatre.

About the San Diego Natural History Museum 
The San Diego Natural History Museum (The Nat) is one of California’s oldest and most respected cultural and scientific institutions. Founded in 1874 by a small group of citizen scientists, the Museum works to preserve and protect this amazing place we call home. The Museum is located at 1788 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101 in Balboa Park. For more information, call 877.946.7797 or visit

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