Leadership Circle Trips

Upcoming Trip

Once-in-a-lifetime Mexico!
from February 22-March 2, 2019

Explore the flora, fauna, culture & history of this magnificent country and the unforgettable Monarch Butterfly migration. Join Museum President and CEO, Judy Gradwohl and Curator of Entomology, Michael Wall, from February 22-March 2, 2019. Learn more.

Past Trips


Explore the marine life, culture, history, flora and fauna of this magnificent peninsula with Museum President and CEO, Judy Gradwohl and Curator of Botany, Jon Rebman, Ph.D. Learn more! View itinerary.

Baja Biodiversity

Mark your calendars for an exclusive expedition to experience the biodiversity of Baja California. Leading the trip will be Museum curators and Museum president and CEO, Judy Gradwohl . You’ll stay at the beautiful Rancho Las Cruces private resort just outside of La Paz and spend your days hiking, talking natural history, eating good food, and of course, you’ll have plenty of free time too.

Among the Great Whales

Join the San Diego Natural History Museum and Lindblad Expeditions on a trip of a lifetime— Among the Great Whales. Experience the wonders of viewing gray whales in the Sea of Cortéz onboard the 62-guest expedition ship, National Geographic Sea Bird .