Museum Access Fund

The Museum Access Fund was designed to enable science and environmental learning opportunities for all students, with special emphasis on making these programs accessible to economically disadvantaged students. These children, many from culturally diverse backgrounds, have traditionally been unable to enjoy San Diego's rich cultural heritage due to financial constraints of their families and schools.

Thanks to some members of Natural Partners who have designated their support to the Museum Access Fund, the San Diego Natural History Museum is able to remove the financial barrier and host these students to a day of learning at the Museum.

Gifts underwrite a curriculum guide for pre- and post-visit classroom learning activities to maximize and reinforce students' learning; access to the Museum's specimen lending library by the participating school; an exhibit map and guide; and transportation to the exhibition (as requested by the school).

Support of this special program not only allows an enriching cultural experience for disadvantaged students, but also promotes a life long memory of the day when their imaginations were awakened to the wonders of the natural world.

To find out if a Title 1 school can benefit from this program please contact our Education Department.

We are pleased to recognize the generosity of these Natural Partners:

Arthur P. and Jeanette G. Pratt Memorial Fund
Bank of America Foundation
Kinder Morgan Foundation
Lions Club of San Diego
Nordson Corporation Foundation
Patrons of the Prado
Qualcomm Foundation
ResMed Foundation
The Charles H. Stout Foundation
The Docents of the San Diego Natural History Museum

The General Atomics Sciences Education Foundation
The Hologic Charitable Fund at The San Diego Foundation
United Biochannels
Walter J. and Betty C. Zable Foundation
Warren-Neely Foundation