Team Building

Team Building and Retreats Made Easy

Nothing exposes the strengths and weaknesses of a team more than letting them know that the fate of the world rests in their hands and time is limited. Escape rooms are like wrapping your dog's flea medicine in cheese to get him to take it. Teams will be practicing their communication and collaborative skills while under pressure, but it feels like a game. Think of it as sneaky professional development. The room is designed so you do not need prior knowledge to solve the puzzles, so it creates a level playing field in which organizational hierarchy and/or academic background don't mean much. See how your team's strengths and weaknesses impact their ability to solve the room, and how they probably also affect your business.

Combine your escape room experience with a catered meal and a meeting room with AV amenities for pre- and/or post-escape room retreat business. Booked far enough in advance, we can accommodate days and times in which the room is normally not available. If you would like to book an event or obtain an event planning guide which includes detailed information on our venue, please call 619.255.0182, complete our contact form, or email