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Birds of the World

View stunning imagery of birds from every continent by fourteen award-winning wildlife photographers, featuring Arthur Morris, a Canon Explorer of Light Emeritus, Markus Varesvuo, a fellow Canon Explorer of Light, and many more.

This first-of-its-kind exhibition features of a global collection of talent, including:

  • Daniel Cox
  • Todd Gustafson
  • Arash Hazeghi
  • Denise Ippolito
  • Tim Laman
  • Paul McKenzie
  • Arthur Morris
  • Clifford Oliver
  • Kiran Poonacha
  • Marie Read
  • Blake Shaw
  • David Tipling
  • Roy Toft
  • Markus Varesvuo

The diversity and accomplishments of this group offers a broad representation of birds from every continent. For instance, Daniel Cox specializes in Arctic photography while Kiran Poonacha has a passion for raptors that are native to his region of India.

Birds of the World is presented in the Ordover Gallery on Level 4 of the San Diego Natural History Museum. 

Featured images:

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