The Secret Society of Adultologists

Friday, November 16, 7–10 PM

The Secret Society of Adultologists is back, and it’s time to bring your shimmer and everything that glitters. In celebration of our newest exhibition, Hidden Gems , The Nat will be opening its doors after hours, giving guests access to every floor of the Museum to show off our shiniest specimens, weird science and more!

This ticketed event provides access to every floor of the Museum, including a rooftop bar. Activities include:

  • Live performance from San Diego's crankiest drag queen, Miss Mariam T.
  • Botanic Bling
  • So Extra: Birds That Are Doing Too Much
  • Mineral ID Lab
  • Ritzy Reptiles and Fancy Frogs
  • Make and Take: LED Jewelry with the Fleet Science Center
  • Denizens of the Underworld: Who Lives in Mines?
  • We Stan Nature: A Biomimicry Guessing Game
  • The Price is Right: Gem Appraisal with the Women’s Jewelry Association
  • Extravagant Insects
  • Make and Take: Crowns
  • Photo Booth
  • Wings and Shiny Things with the Living Coast Discovery Center
  • Birthstone Matching Game with the Gemological Institute of America
  • Live music from Ocdamia Music Group
  • Treat Yo Self: Accessories Station
  • Hands-on Fossil Prep in the Paleo Lab
  • Who Invited Her? Podcast Recording
  • Mineral Match
  • Rooftop bar with music curated by DJ Lundehund
  • Hang and Get Knotty: Climbing Competitions with Mesa Rim
  • Bioluminescence and More with Birch Aquarium
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Live Animal Encounter
  • Beer from Thorn Brewing Co., craft cocktails, and gourmet grilled cheese will be available for purchase

There will be a costume contest with prizes, so rhinestones very encouraged. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for activity details.

Tickets are $15 for members and $25 for non-members.

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About Secret Society of Adultologists

Most of us remember our first trip to a natural history museum—marveling at being surrounded by bizarre creatures large and small, appreciating the deep sense of history contained in a dinosaur skeleton, and admiring the idyllic images of Museum scientists from a previous era. The Secret Society of Adultologists reinvigorates that sense of awe, as the entire Museum is packed with activities to give party-goers a more intimate view of The Nat.

Science, music, storytelling, hands-on activities, and art are components of this exclusive event. Museum scientists share treasures from our collection of more than 8 million specimens, and crafting stations, live animal encounters, games, and access to a rooftop bar evokes your inner explorer. The Secret Society of Adultologists is a whole new way to experience The Nat—stay late and rediscover your sense of wonder.

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