City Nature Challenge: Partner with Us

San Diego naturalists, let’s unite

April 24-27, 2020

We welcome our fellow nature nuts (read: peer organizations) in San Diego County to host a 2020 City Nature Challenge event at their headquarters/venue to help encourage residents and tourists to opt outside and participate.

Ways you can help:

1. Spread the word with our partner tool kit

  • Reach out to members, volunteers, staff, colleagues, and friends
  • Print and post these fliers at your location (download flyer)
  • Post on social media (download template)
  • Send an e-newsletter (download template)

2. Host an event

  • Organize an event at your location during City Nature Challenge (April 24-27) encouraging your community to make iNaturalist observations
  • Host an iNaturalist training before the event
  • Hikes, restoration events, and festivals all provide great opportunities for making observations
  • Let us know about your event so we can post it on our event website
  • Use our flier and poster templates to share your event

3. Make observations of your own during the four-day period

4. Identify others observations until May 4

  • Help identify observations that are not yet at the species level.
  • Visit the observations page on to begin.

Questions? Contact Lauren Marino Perez