Summer Camp 2022

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Grades 1 & 2

Animal Extremes - SOLD OUT

Monday, August 15, 2022 9 AM

Let’s get wild! Animals have wonderful and wacky survival techniques. We’ll explore some of the most extreme features of the animal kingdom such as speed, anatomy, behavior, and diet. We’ll visit the Museum’s exhibitions, play animal-inspired games, and take hikes in the Park. Let’s get extreme!

Monday, August 15 through August 19| 9 AM–3PM
Members $325 | Non-members $350

Grades 3 – 5

Guardians of the Globe - SOLD OUT

Monday, July 18, 2022 9 AM

Are you interested in protecting, saving, and defending the plants and animals we share this planet with? We want you to join the Guardians of the Globe as we investigate and discover solutions to the human impact that is affecting our world. We’ll conduct experiments, solve challenges, and draw inspiration from nature. This adventure begins with you!

Monday, July 18 through Friday, July 22 | 9 AM–3 PM
Members $325 | Non-members $350

Rock On! - SOLD OUT

Monday, July 25, 2022 9 AM

Discover the splendor and science that exists right under your feet! San Diego is one of the most famous gem-producing regions in the world, but where do these minerals come from and how are they formed? We will answer these questions and more as we explore the dynamic forces continually changing Earth. We’ll make art projects, perform experiments, and visit our exhibition Hidden Gems. Get ready to rock!

Monday, July 25 through Friday, July 29 | 9 AM–3 PM
Members $325 | Non-members $350

I am an Ologist - SOLD OUT

Monday, August 1, 2022 9 AM

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a scientist at The Nat? Spend the week in the shoes of a paleontologist, entomologist, herpetologist, ornithologist, and a botanist. Each day we’ll discover a new natural science and conduct experiments, create crafts, and spend time in our natural world. Who knew science could be so fun?

Monday, August 1 through Friday, August 5| 9 AM–3 PM
Members $325 | Non-members $350

Wonder Women in Science - SOLD OUT

Monday, August 8, 2022 9 AM

Girl power is the name of the game for this new camp that celebrates and elevates women in science. We’ll spend the week combining summer fun with natural science exploration. We’ll conduct hands-on experiments, explore the Museum’s science departments, and find inspiration in women scientists, past and present, who are blazing trails for the female scientists of tomorrow.

Monday, August 8 through Friday, August 12 | 9 AM–3 PM
Members $325 | Non-members $350

Explore Balboa Park - SOLD OUT

Monday, August 15, 2022 9 AM

How lucky are we to live in a city that is home to Balboa Park? In this camp, we’ll explore the Park’s gardens, learn its history, and discover its natural beauty each day. We’ll visit other museums and take an extra special look at The Nat, the oldest scientific institution in southern California. We’ll hike, make art projects, and uncover the hidden secrets of this special place. We’ll celebrate all things Balboa Park. Put on your walking shoes!

Monday, August 15 through August 19| 9 AM–3PM
Members $325 | Non-members $350

Grades 6 – 8