Upcoming Exhibitions

Opening Early Summer 2016

This new, permanent exhibition revolves around the history—and the future—of citizen science, highlighting early naturalists and the impact their work and observations had on science as we know it today. Rare books, works of art, photographs, maps, and historical documents from our Research Library will be displayed alongside plant and animal specimens and brought to life through multimedia, hands-on interactives, touchable models, and participatory experiences. 

Guests will have the opportunity to experience the final show for acclaimed local photographer Abe Ordover. This major solo exhibition, which will be curated by Abe himself, will feature choice works he has taken over the last 20 years.

Shrimp that can break through glass? Spider webs stronger than steel? See why every living thing is a machine built to survive, move, and discover, and explore how these marvels of natural engineering inspire us.