Current Volunteer Needs

To apply for any of these positions, please complete the volunteer application . The Volunteer Department will contact you to schedule an interview or invite you to an upcoming Open House. If you have specific questions, please call Janet Morris at 619.255.0245 or . Science department openings are limited.

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Camp Aides Wanted

Do you love children? Join our camp aide program. Camps are June 19–August 18. Volunteers in our camps insure that our campers have an enjoyable and safe experience. Ideal Camp Aides enjoy working with children and are willing to get their hands dirty during craft or other activities. Shifts are 8 AM–4:30 PM. Summer Camps are weeklong and we ask for a minimum of two weeks and three is even better. There are a small number of Pre-K camps that are half day camps. Minimum age is 16 though we would consider a student who is turning 16 in the summer. Please complete a volunteer application and we will contact you for an interview. We require two letters of recommendations from a teacher, volunteer supervisor, or another adult who is not a relative. Deadline to apply is May 12.

Zooarcheology Needs Help

The Zooarcheology Department studies the faunal remains found at archeological sites. They are in need of volunteers to help build a modern fish comparative collection. This means processing (gutting and filleting) thawed fish in the lab. The lab is open Tuesday afternoons. A formal training willl be held on Tuesday, April 25 at noon. If you are unable to make the formal training, once the project is underway there may be additional openings. To apply please complete the volunteer application.

Love Dinosaurs? Become an Interpreter for Ultimate Dinosaurs

Get your dinosaur fix as an Exhibit Interpreter in Ultimate Dinosaurs. Opening February 25 through September 4. In the exhibition prehistory takes on 21stcentury technology and features 16 fully-articulated dinosaur specimens from locations in the Southern Hemisphere. As an Exhibit Interpreter you will facilitate visitor activity stations and answer basic questions. Shifts are 10 AM-1 PM and 1-4 PM. We ask for a weekly commitment of one shift for at least 3 months.

Minimum age is 16. Children under 16 may volunteer with a parent or grandparent. This is a great way to engage those budding paleontologists.

The next training will be held in May. Please apply to be included in the training. To apply, please complete the volunteer application.

Museum Ambassadors Needed

As a Museum Ambassador you will be the face of the Museum as guests enter. Our Museum Ambassadors answer visitor questions about exhibitions, activities, facilities, and the museum layout. They also answer general questions about dining options, Balboa Park, and even questions about San Diego and other attractions. Museum Ambassadors are scheduled for two-hour shifts, 11 AM-1 PM or 1 PM-3 PM, on any day of the week. Apply today. 

Explore the wild side of San Diego as a canyoneer.

Join a crew of hardy hikers and explore the coasts, foothills, mountains, desert, and local canyons. Training begins September 9. As a Canyoneer you trod the wild side of San Diego County, areas that most residents never see. This is a weekend opportunity though there are school hikes during the week. Training is consecutive Saturdays from September 9–November 11, 2017; 8 AM-3 PM. Graduation is November 18. Training materials are $25. Canyoneers are asked to lead six hikes per year for two years. The hiking season begins in September and ends in June. The hikes are free, no reservations required, and open to the public. This is a great way to meet others with a similar passion. Minimum age is 18. A background check is required to participate. Apply today. Deadline is Monday, August 21, 2017.

Make an impact! Become a docent.

Join our vibrant Docent team and engage young and old alike in the wonders of the rich biodiversity of our region. Docents are trained teaching guides who deliver programs at local schools and in the Museum. The Docents work as teams so it's a great opportunity to make new friends. This is a great opportunity for keeping your mind active in retirement. Training is held consecutive Wednesdays September 13, 2017-March 2018 from 9 AM-3 PM. Museum membership is required to be a docent. Training covers all areas of natural history and is taught by museum curators and other local experts. It’s like a college level class! Docents are asked to volunteer 3 hours per week for a two year period. Docents help create programs with the guidance of the museum so there is plenty of opportunity to learn. A background check is required to participate. Apply today.