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Summerhays Films, Inc.
13234 Polvera Ave.
San Diego, CA 92128
(858) 674-6000
(858) 674-6006 (fax)

Summerhays Films Inc., a San Diego-based California corporation, is an award winning world leader in the production of large format special exhibit motion picture films for world expositions, destination theaters, corporations, theme parks and museums.

Founded by scientist, naturalist and conservationist-turned-film-producer Soames Summerhays, Summerhays Films has produced in all the major large formats such as 1570/Imax/Imax Dome, 8/70 and 5/70. Since its inception, Summerhays Films has been positioned on the cutting edge of developing new formats, new technologies and new filming techniques for giant screen, motion picture presentations. The company continues to be an innovator in the development of 8/70 technology that is growing as swiftly today as its precursor 15/70 system.

Summerhays Films produces story-driven large format films that suit the specific requirements of their clients through a combination of creativity, diligent research, market testing and technical excellence. The company is a seasoned producer in any area of large format film production and increasingly is recognized for its creativity and for literally bringing their clients' dreams to life.

Summerhays Films productions range from live action, natural history documentaries to docudrama productions—and encompass locations anywhere from mountain peaks to ocean depths. Camera crews catch the action wherever the location, and are frequently at work in remote and challenging areas all over the globe. The company's philosophy is to bring together talented professionals from many nations and specialties in the production of its films. Therefore, Summerhays Films has developed and maintained close, long term relationships with foreign nationals worldwide to achieve these goals and seeks to employ local talent where feasible in all the countries it works. Whether filming docudrama scenes among the peaks of Yosemite National Park, stuntmen diving off Angel Falls in Venezuela, or shark feeding frenzies in the waters of the Great Barrier Reef, Summerhays Films can be relied upon to capture the spectacular shots on film, and weave them into unforgettable stories that make the audience's spirits soar.

Summerhays Films has developed a solid reputation for producing high quality films on time and in-budget. The company's film production strategy is to reduce overhead that is normally applied against productions thereby maximizing screen production values. The core creative talent and management of Summerhays Films maintains financial and creative control over the productions. Additional, specialized artistic and technical talent and state of the art equipment are acquired as needed on a project by project basis. Specialized technical equipment, routinely used in all large format productions are part of the company's standing inventory available for production.

Summerhays Films productions are, like the medium they use, bigger than life. Their success is based upon productions that meet the highest standards of technical excellence and satisfies the soul of their audiences with drama, adventure, humor, excitement and spectacle about stories of genuine significance.

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