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CinemaCorp of the Californias is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation. "The specific purposes of this corporation are to produce and distribute for viewing by the public an educational film regarding the geology, flora, and fauna of the greater Baja California peninsula and adjacent waters, and to prepare and distribute to the public related educational materials." (Articles of Incorporation, June 7, 1998)

The Board of Directors of CinemaCorp are:
Mr. Gaston Luken Aguilar, Chairman
Mr. Enrique Hambleton, Vice President
Mr. Steven P. McDonald, Secretary
Mr. Rodolfo Ogarrio
Lic. Dieter Holtz Wedde
Dr. James Clements
The Officers of CinemaCorp are:
Dr. Michael W. Hager, President
Mr. Enrique Hambleton, Vice President
Mr. Steven P. McDonald, Secretary
Mr. George Brooks-Gonyer, Chief Operation Officer
Dr. Exequiel Ezcurra, Chief Scientist
The Corporation's principal office is located at:
CinemaCorp of the Californias
San Diego Natural History Museum
P O Box 121390
San Diego, California 92112-1390

Street Address:
1788 El Prado
San Diego, California 92101

(619) 232-3821 ext. 216

Richard Benard at rbenard@sdnhm.org

CinemaCorp of the Californias was incorporated on June 7, 1998, and is registered with the Office of the California Secretary of State.

All net proceeds received from the distribution of the film Ocean Oasis and related educational materials will be distributed equally by CinemaCorp of the Californias to the San Diego Natural History Museum and Pronatura for conservation and environmental education programs within the greater Baja California region.

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