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The San Diego Natural History Museum is dedicated to increasing knowledge and understanding of the evolution and diversity of Southern California and the peninsula of Baja California, and to inspire in all people respect for the environment.

Since its founding in 1874, the Museum has been a leader in research, education, and exhibit programs centered on Baja California. These programs emphasize that natural systems do not recognize political borders. Museum scientists join with Mexican colleagues in research projects dedicated to documenting and understanding the incredible biodiversity of our binational region. Museum and Mexican educators work together to train Baja California teachers in ways to incorporate environmental themes into their curriculums. Museum exhibits staff shares displays, equipment, and expertise with sister institutions in Baja California, and exhibition marketing campaigns seek creative ways of reaching our neighbors across the border.

Ocean Oasis is a natural extension of the Museum's binational efforts. Through this film, the San Diego Natural History Museum and Pronatura hope to reach an international audience, with the goal of raising awareness of the Baja California environment and the need to protect this significant region for future generations.

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