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The Ocean Oasis website is intended as an educational resource. With the exception of photographs and film clips, permission is granted for personal and non-commercial educational use, provided that proper attribution is given as stated below.

Permission to use photographs may be sought from the copyright owner. If a photograph's copyright is not specifically stated, it should be assumed to reside with the copyright given in the footer on each page.

Ocean Oasis stills and film clips: Copyright held by CinemaCorp of the Californias. Contact copyright@oceanoasis.org

Photographs and artwork: Send requests to copyright@oceanoasis.org. Include URL of page, subject, and photographer or artist's name given in the credit. Your request will be forwarded to the appropriate person.

Field Guide and Teacher's Guide pages are under the copyright of the San Diego Natural History Museum. Individuals and nonprofit educational institutions may use information from these pages if credit is given to the San Diego Natural History Museum. If for a website, we request that you notify us and provide a link to our website where appropriate.

Questions regarding these policies should be directed to copyright@oceanoasis.org

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