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Ocean Oasis Teacher's Guide was produced by the San Diego Natural History Museum with generous funding from the Walton Family Foundation.

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Ocean Oasis is produced by Summerhays Films, Inc., in association with the San Diego Natural History Museum and PRONATURA A.C., Mexico's oldest and largest conservation organization.

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Dear Teacher—An introduction to Ocean Oasis and the Teacher's Guide
Ocean Oasis Background—What factors make an oasis?

geography icon Part I Geography
latitude and longitude · migration · oasis research
Activity 1   Where in the World? Location and Migration
                    Map of Baja California
                    Map of Western Hemisphere
Activity 2   What's an Oasis?

Part II Geology geology icon
plate boundaries · peninsula and gulf formation
Activity 3   Plate Boundaries: Cookie Crust and Pudding Magma

Part III Circulation Patterns climate icon
currents and climate · ocean and circulating patterns
Activity 4   Convection Currents
Activity 5   Onshore and Offshore Winds
Activity 6   Upwelling

Part IV Adaptations of Life Forms life forms icon
adaptations to life in the desert and the gulf · marine ecosytem
Activity 7   Cool It: An Animal Adaptation
Activity 8   The Water Storers: Cactus Adaptations
Activity 9   Shark Sense
Activity 10   Ocean Life Food Web
Activity 11   Marine Matchmakers

Part V The Human Presence human icon
human history in Baja California · using resources
Activity 12   Human Needs and Resources
Activity 13   Art with Natural Materials

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