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photo collage of manta ray, fish, and coral reef

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Welcome to Ocean Oasis, a stunning film about the magic of Baja California, Mexico, and the Gulf of California—one of the richest seas in the world. The film explores this area through several themes that have global, as well as local, implications. On a geological level, tectonic forces and weathering shape and change the entire globe. The film illustrates how geographical location and circulation of the atmosphere affect climate. Life forms adapt to their diverse habitats in amazing ways. Many human activities affect local ecosystems, and the consequences of these activities can be far-reaching.

While the activities in this guide explore these themes with reference to the film, each activity also has a local connection to help students make conceptual bridges between their immediate region and Ocean Oasis. Many of the activities provide an opportunity to discuss conservation and the human impact on natural resources, regardless of locale.

Targeted for grades 4-8, the activities in the Teacher's Guide can be adapted for higher or lower grade levels. All activities have been correlated with the National Science Education Standards. (See Standards Correlation.) In addition, many activities are interdisciplinary, involving language arts, mathematics, and history/social studies, as well as science knowledge and skills. Each activity is designed to stand alone. Activities may be used to prepare your students for viewing the film or as a post-film experience.

Each activity begins with one or more questions. Use the questions to introduce concepts and to assess what your students already know. Encourage questions and explorations. Keep in mind that how to find out is as important as what you know.

The Ocean Oasis Field Guide on this website is an excellent source of supplemental information for your students. Look there for detailed information about the animals, plants, and places seen in the film and in the region.

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