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Teachers! Educators! Many past locations keep a copy of Ocean Oasis in their library to be made available for special events and educational shows. Contact the location nearest you to inquire about using this copy for your event or group.

We are pleased to announce...
Ocean Oasis was the winner of the prestigious "Best Theatrical Program Award" at the 2001 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. This award is given "to the program produced for large format or conventional motion picture theaters that most effectively advances an appreciation of the natural world."

General information:
Hallie Shere
San Diego Natural History Museum
P O Box 121390, San Diego, California 92112-1390
(619) 232-3821, ext. 189

Leasing information:
Don Steele
Summerhays Films, Inc.
Telephone: (858) 457-8652
FAX: (858) 546-8670

Website comments:

You can see Ocean Oasis at:

San Diego Natural History Museum
San Diego, California
Show times

Davis Planetarium
Jackson, MS

Cook Center @ Navarro College
Corsicana, TX

Cincinnati Museum Center
Cincinnati, OH

Science Museum of Minnesota
St. Paul, MN

[Premiered at the Smithsonian on September 12, 2000]

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