Biodiversity Research Center of the Californias

The San Diego Society of Natural History has engaged in scientific field work and systematics research since 1874. Scientists at the Museum are actively engaged in research programs and regularly publish their research in peer-reviewed scientific journals. 

The extensive scientific collections of the  Biodiversity Research Center of the Californias  represent a permanent record of our natural heritage. They contain materials that support the research of many scientific disciplines, including those working to define and preserve biodiversity and monitor global change.

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Scientific collections are a continuing investment by society in the effort to understand the natural world. In the face of disappearing habitats, species extinctions, and the destruction of geological and paleontological sites, the specimens in our collections have become nonrenewable resources.

A strategic plan developed by the BRCC and adopted by the Board of Directors defines the BRCC's mission, vision, region, and perspective.


Gulf of California Listed as World Heritage Site


Below is a link to our Museum's list of refereed scientific publications reflecting the long history of the San Diego Society of Natural History as a leader in the exploration and study of the geologic past and present biological diversity of western North America and beyond.

BRCC Publications Publications

We would like to thank the County of San Diego and Supervisor Ron Roberts, and Las Patronas for generous gifts to enhance the Museum's Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hazard Science Demonstration Lab with new digital imaging equipment that brings our collections closer to the public and other researchers.