Thousands and thousands of significant fossils that would have been ground into dust by earthmovers have been salvaged by PaleoServices paleontologists, professionally conserved by our laboratory personnel, and placed into the paleontological collections at the San Diego Natural History Museum.

These fossils include over 100,000 catalogued species lots representing approximately 1.5 million specimens. The collections consist of diverse assemblages of 120,000-year-old marine molluscs, complete skeletons of 3-million-year-old fossil whales, giant teeth of 6-million-year-old sharks, skulls and jaws of 29-million-year-old camels, skeletons of 43-million-year-old early land mammals, delicate leaf impressions of 46-million-year-old fossil land plants, and partial skeletons of 70-million-year-old armored dinosaurs. View a more complete listing of the fossil collections recovered by PaleoServices personnel.

Fossils on exhibit

The San Diego Natural History Museum assumes the responsibility to provide physical and financial resources for the permanent storage of these significant fossils as part of the public trust. The Museum also assumes the responsibility to make these important remains available to current and future generations.