Electrical transmission line and water and sewer pipeline construction projects can, and often do, result in excavations. In many cases the excavations temporarily expose ancient sedimentary rock units and their contained paleontological resources. For electrical line projects that involve construction of transmission towers, excavations are typically very localized with minimal depth of grading. However, installation of pilings for tower bases and grading for attendant roadways and substations may result in more extensive excavation activities. PaleoServices staff have worked on many such projects and are familiar with the challenges posed by working with grading equipment in such confined spaces.

Water and sewer pipelines like roadway construction projects are linear and can provide a broad view of the geological and paleontological record of an area. Construction techniques can vary from open trenching to tunneling and require close attention by paleontological monitoring staff to ensure personal safety while still concentrating on the discovery and recovery of unearthed fossil remains. Such projects may also involve construction of water filtration or sewage treatment facilities on a variety of scales from simple pump stations to major installations.