About Us

PaleoServices has been providing professional paleontological consulting services in Southern California for over 24 years.

Associated closely with the San Diego Natural History Museum from the beginning, PaleoServices became a formal department of the Museum in 1995. With a rich history serving southern California, a knowledgeable and dedicated staff of experts, and an extensive client base, PaleoServices is the right choice for your resource assessment, construction mitigation, and fossil curation and storage.

The San Diego Natural History Museum is run and operated by the San Diego Society of Natural History, a private, non-profit scientific and educational organization incorporated in 1874. As the oldest such organization in southern California, the Museum is a trusted member of the community and is dedicated to its mission:

To interpret the natural world through research, education and exhibits; to promote understanding of the evolution and diversity of southern California and the peninsula of Baja California; and to inspire in all a respect for nature and the environment.

whale skeleton