Consulting Services


Research scientists at the San Diego Natural History Museum offer a broad range of consulting services through our PaleoServices and BioServices departments. These include rare plant and animal surveys, voucher specimen collection and documentation, habitat assessment, species inventories, environmental impact surveys, and many other services.

The expertise of our scientists, who are all experts in their field and specialize in the areas of southern California and Baja California, covers such disciplines as botany, entomology, herpetology, ornithology, mammalogy, zooarchaeology, and paleontology. Our research staff has more than 270 years of collective experience with the flora and fauna of our area. Clients have included the California Department of Fish and Game, U.S. Fish and Wildflife, U.S. Navy, San Diego Gas and Electric, The Nature Conservancy, Irvine Ranch Conservancy, and many others.

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The Exhibits Department of the San Diego Natural History Museum provides consulting services to museums, visitor centers, and other organizations. Utilizing a team approach, meetings, and design presentations, we develop the interpretive plans and exhibitions with our clients, soliciting comments and suggestions from every member of the team. In this way we can take advantage of the diverse interests, experiences, and learning styles of various team members, and build buy-in and support for all aspects of the project.

Project management is an integral part of our process. We provide meeting facilitation, note taking, issues list, budget development/management, and task management. More.

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