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The Photographers
Los fotógrafos

The six photographers contributing to this exhibition have been captivated by the drama of the region. Like the region, their approaches are diverse. The uniqueness of the greater Baja California region lies in its incredible diversity, in its outstanding richness, and in myriad creative ways we can look at it.

Pablo Cervantes
Mexico City
With the determination and acute senses of a field biologist, Pablo Cervantes has explored the ends of the Earth with his camera: tropical reefs, ocean depths, the highest mountains, the frozen Arctic, and the farthest reaches of the rainforests. Pablo is part of Agrupación Sierra Madre and its efforts to preserve the natural world.

Bill Evarts
Escondido, California
A soft-spoken, thoughtful, and deliberate nature belies Bill Evarts' sense of adventure and drive to capture dramatic landscapes. With a love for wilderness, tempered by transcendent patience, Bill has shouldered his view camera throughout the southwestern United States and Baja California.

Patricio Robles Gil
Mexico City
An artist with a passion for conservation, Patricio Robles Gil has forged a unique path to accomplish his goals. With Agrupación Sierra Madre, an organization that he founded in 1989, he has published numerous books with stunning photographs illuminating the beauty and fragility of Mexico's ecosystems.

Fulvio Eccardi
Mexico City
Through the lens of his camera, Italian-born biologist Fulvio Eccardi has focused the world's attention on burning ecological issues. With curiosity and perseverance, Fulvio documents both natural beauty and the complex relationship between humans and the environment.

Enrique Hambleton
La Paz, Baja California Sur
With exceptional commitment, Enrique Hambleton has been a leader in environmental education and conservation. A recognized authority on the aboriginal rock art and paintings of the Baja California peninsula, Enrique's work was instrumental in the designation of the Sierra San Francisco as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

John Shelton
La Jolla, California
John Shelton is best known for his pioneering aerial photography. A former professor of geology, John has always been intensely interested in the process of learning. A love of flying enables him to reveal geologic features and processes through aerial photographs as seen in his book Geology Illustrated.

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