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Patricio Robles Gil
Mexico City

An artist with a passion for conservation, Patricio Robles Gil has forged a unique path to accomplish his goals. With Agrupación Sierra Madre, an organization that he founded in 1989, he has published numerous books with stunning photographs illuminating the beauty and fragility of Mexico’s ecosystems. With great business acumen, he has demonstrated that ecologically sustainable enterprises can be profitable. In 1993, Patricio founded Unidos para la Conservación (United for Conservation) to carry out specific actions for the protection of wildlife and natural areas.

This book is geared to disseminating the beauty and importance of the Vizcaíno, and to taking part in an effort made by all of Mexico to conserve this great natural heritage.
—Preface to Sierra, Sea, and Desert: El Vizcaíno, Baja California

Photo of Patricio Robles Gil

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