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Pablo Cervantes
Mexico City

With the determination and acute senses of a field biologist, Pablo Cervantes has explored the ends of the Earth with his camera. Tropical reefs, ocean depths, the highest mountains, the frozen land and sea of the Arctic, and the farthest reaches of the rainforests—Pablo and his camera have seen them all. A biologist from the University of Mexico, he started working with sharks and marine mammals, later expanding to nature conservation. Now he is part of Agrupación Sierra Madre and its efforts to preserve the natural world, learning continuously through observation and sharing his insights on nature through his photographs.

The idea of being caged in four walls doing lab work never made me smile, and since my first trip to the outside I knew that I wanted to work in intimate contact with nature. When I first experienced nature photography, I knew that my life would be linked forever to this kind of artistic expression.

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