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Exhibit Rental Information

Contact: Tim Murray
Director, Exhibits Department
San Diego Natural History Museum
PO Box 121390, San Diego, CA 92112
619.255.0297 fax

Exhibit Rental Information -- Care and Handling

No borrower will intentionally destroy, damage, alter, modify or change the loan in any way whatsoever (including removing frames, mats, glass, or acrylic coverings, or mounts) without explicit, prior authorization by the San Diego Natural History Museum.

In the event of any damage or material deterioration to any object in the exhibit, the Borrower in possession of the exhibit will consult with the San Diego Natural History Museum prior to the commencement of any repairs or restoration. The San Diego Natural History Museum has the right to specify the person or institution who will make the repairs or restoration, and the expense of the repairs or restoration will be paid by the Borrower and the San Diego Natural History Museum as may be equitable under the circumstances.

The Borrower agrees to take all necessary measures to provide a safe and secure environment for the exhibition and to provide all fire precautions as required by law or local ordinance. Functioning fire protection systems and functioning fire protection devices must be available in the exhibition, staging, and storage spaces.

Specific artifacts and/or components in the exhibition may require special attention in regard to lighting and environment, and may require additional care and/or security. The Borrower agrees to comply with all special handling instructions. Failure to do so will result in Borrower liability should damage occur. These instructions will be sent to the Borrower sufficiently in advance of the exhibition so that arrangements, if necessary, can be made. Any costs incurred for additional security and/or environmental control or lighting system required for display of the exhibition are the responsibility of the Borrower.

Environmental Conditions

The Borrower agrees to display the exhibition using incandescent track lighting. No direct sunlight shall be permitted in the display space.

Light levels for the artifacts in the exhibition must be controllable within a range of 5 - 10 foot candles. Light levels for the exhibition should never exceed 20-foot candles.

Extremes in temperature and relative humidity conditions must be avoided, and acceptable target parameters are as follows: 45 - 55% relative humidity and 65 - 70 deg F. for temperature.


The Borrower agrees to display the exhibition in a limited access space.

Borrower must provide security for the Exhibition from the moment it is received, during all phases of unloading, unpacking, installation, display, de-installation, repacking, and loading, until the moment it is shipped out.