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Recommended Books

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Articles and Local Finds

Recent Proboscidean Discoveries —September 2007 Webcast (with Adobe Presenter™)

A Thousand Words —July/August 2005

Fossil Insects and Crustaceans—December 2005

Excavation site in Oceanside reveals fossils of mammoth, mastodont, and tapir—August 2002

San Diego's Ancient Shorelines—June 2002

Silent Beaches: Ancient Lake Cahuilla and its geologic setting—June 2002

The Elusive Pliocene Rocky Shore—June 2002

Unusual Eocene Invertebrate Fossils Found in Oceanside—August 2001

Fossil Walrus Remains Found at Otay Ranch —October 2001

Baleen Whale Skeletons and Columbian Mammoth—October 2001

Skull of Giant Pliocene Sea Cow Discovered at Otay Ranch—May 2000

Fossil Snake Discovered—May 2000

Pliocene Era Whale Uncovered—February 2000

Pleistocene Mammal Discoveries—November 1999

SDNHM excavation: Pliocene Fossils—April 1999

Balboa Park: Pliocene Clams—May 1998

Chula Vista: fossil whale skull—March 1998

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