Department Research Activities

Red-legged Frog Surveys in northern Baja California

Binational Expedition to the Punta Mechudo - Agua Verde Conservation Corridor

Herpetofaunal Survey of the Coronado Islands
In late March of 2000, a research team of Museum scientists were joined by Mexican biologists and other experts to conduct a survey of the island's reptiles and amphibians. A total of eight herpetologists, one botanist, and four general biologists participated.

Alligator lizards of Southern Baja California and a Herpetofaunal Survey of Islands in the Gulf of California
Dr. Bradford Hollingsworth has recently returned from two consecutive research trips to Baja California. The first trip, in late August and early September, was focused on Alligator lizards from the mountains of southern Baja California and a herpetofaunal survey of islands in the Gulf of California.