Docent-Led Classes 2016-2017

Grades: Pre-K–8
Fee: $125 per visit 1-hour class. Additional classes are $75 per class (same day, same program, same classroom). There is a limit of two classes for docent classes. Classes can only be scheduled to start at 9:30 and/or 10:45 AM.
Group size: Pre-K-1: 25 students per 1-hour class (10 student minimum). Grades 2-8: 32 students per 1-hour class (10 student minimum). Classes may not be combined.

Exploring your Backyard
Grade: Pre-K-1
What is the habitat outside your door? We call them neighborhoods. Learn about different animals that pass through and live in our backyards. Find out ways to protect these animals. Become aware of the adaptations plants and animals need to survive in urban environments.

Oceans from Shore to Deep

Grade: Pre-K-1

From the shores to the deep, oceans are host to a wide variety of plants and animals. Discover who lives in there and visit the multi-layered kelp forest condominiums. Compare the size and shape of bird beaks. See how these traits influence diet and explore life below sea level and how to keep the ocean clean and healthy for its inhabitants.

Reptile Friends
Grade: Pre-K-1
The warm and arid climate of the San Diego region provides an ideal environment for several reptiles. Explore traits and adaptations of our regional lizards, turtles and snakes. Examine skeletons, skulls, and the molted skins of reptiles who have adapted to survive throughout San Diego.

Pond Pals
Grade: Pre-K-1
Ponds are freshwater ecosystems that support a complex food web. By identifying the various producers, consumers, and decomposers, we can begin to understand why forms of life around a pond are dependent upon each other. Meet the darting helicopter insect and arrange the life cycle of our pond pals and amphibians.

Incredible Insects and More

Grade: K-2
Explore the social life of an ant. Using manipulatives, discover how various insects have different life cycles. Learn the differences between an insect and a spider. Observe a live tarantula.

Our Region’s Habitats

Grade: 2-5
San Diego is one of the most biologically diverse counties in the United States. Human settlement and population increase have impacted our region’s plants and animals inhabitants. Learn how animals have had to adapt to their changing environment, from the oceans to the deserts.

Fossil Tales of San Diego

Grade: 2-8
This region has a rich fossil record. Investigate San Diego’s past by trekking through 75 million years of geologic history. By analyzing fossils, we can infer much about the habitat and environment millions of year ago. Learn the types of dinosaurs that used to live in San Diego County and why they are now extinct. Touch real fossils and model the geologic plate movement that has occurred in this region.

There is a limit of two classes for docent classes. They take place at 9:30 and/or 10:45 AM.