Artist in Residence

When science meets art

The Nat has created a new Artist in Residence program in an effort to make the rich relationship between scientific inquiry and artistic practice more visible. Our two (well, three) artists in residence, Lisa Jetonne and Larry and Debby Kline, intend to break down the barrier between the front of house and back of house. The artists will meet with guests in our exhibitions, presenting activities that ignite a sense of wonder about the natural world and deepen respect for our environment. Lisa employs domestic craft techniques like jewelry making, faux taxidermy, and paper cutting to convey scientific concepts and principles.

Come be a part of each artists’ process of interpretation. Visit our calendar for a full list of dates Lisa and the Klines will be onsite interacting with visitors.

The Artist in Residence program is made possible through forward-thinking funding from the J.W. Sefton Foundation.

Artist Lisa Jetonne (Through December 15, 2017)

Lisa Jetonne’s artwork frequently revolves around environmental issues or socio-biological themes, particularly related to California scenery or native fauna and flora. She works across many mediums, often employing a wide variety of domestic craft techniques and materials to convey scientific concepts and principles. Currently, she is working on a series of mock-taxidermy alterations of stuffed toy animals in a confrontation of morbidity and mortality.

Lisa will be working in the Museum through December 15, 2017. Each month she will be offering a new interactive activity:

October Activity | Your Turn
Citizen scientist turned citizen artist, and vice versa. Take a number, follow the prompt, and participate in creating a collection of sculpted ceramic specimens. Help us discover the common ground between art and scientific observation.

November and December Activity | Biotypewriter
Use the vocabulary of research to create illustrated collages. Museum specimens, watercolor pencils, a child’s toy, a vintage Hermes typewriter, and a hacked telephone: if these items intrigue you, come see what you can help us make.

December 13, 12:30-4:30 PM
December 14, 11:30-4:30 PM
December 15, 12:30-4:30 PM last residency day

Ongoing Activity | Similar Parts
What do you collect? Sign Lisa’s guestbook on Level 2 near the entrance to our newest exhibition, Unshelved: Cool Stuff from Storage, and describe what you collect. After Lisa’s residency at the Museum has come to a close, she will coalesce your answers and make an illustrated infographic.